3DPC Screen Savers

3DPC Control Panel

Create your own animation sequence with animations from the 3DPC Library. It's so simple, you can almost do it with your eyes closed! Just click on the animation in the Library, then drag it down to the Play Sequence. To remove an animation from your Play Sequence, either double-click its icon, or drag its icon back to the Library. Each screen saver package in the 3DPC family will offer you additional animations to add to your Library - you can collect them all!

Use the "Play each animation for" setting to define how long an animation will play before switching to the next in your Play Sequence. Use the "Play animations after" setting to define how long your computer must remain idle before the 3DPC animations will play. To discover more information on a specific animation, click on its icon in the Library and press the Info button. This button also allows you to preview or uninstall the animation.